Guggenheim Foundation

Harry Frank Guggenheim​ (1890-1971)

Activities as Director of Research (with Lionel Tiger) 1972-84
As well as the administration of the Foundation's research support program, which involved the solicitation, initiation,
assessment, supervision and evaluation of more than 300 research
grants (see Foundation quinquennial reports for details), I
organized or co-organized the following international conferences
supported wholly or in part by the Foundation:
Aggression and Violence (Stanhope Hotel, New York City, l972)
Brain and Behavior (New York State, 1976)
Female Hierarchies (New York City, 1974)
Human Ethology and Social Anthroplogy  (Special Session of the
decennial meeting of the Association of Social Anthroplogists
of the Commonwealth, Rhodes House, Oxford University, 1974)
(Published as BIOSOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY, q. v. under "Books"
Kin Selection and Kinship Theory (Maison des Sciences de l'Homme,
Paris, 1978)
Modernization and Human Nature (In cooperation with the Nobel
Foundation and the Rockefeller Bros. Foundation, Ulriksdal
Palace, Stockholm, 1978)
Neonate and Infant Cognition (Rockefeller University, New York
City, 1980)
(Published as NEONATE COGNITION, with Jacques Mehler, q. v. under "Books"