Mudeford Quay, Dorset, England. Watercolor, 2001
Beach Houses at Mudeford, Dorset, England, Watercolor, 2001

Below are some paintings that were scattered through the old website and have been gathered here for viewing convenience

Boats at Night, Florida, 2003. Pastel
New Mexico Yard, Pastel, 2001
Olive Grove at Sunset (after Pierre Bonnard) Pastel
Boat and Bridge, San Carlos Bay, Florida, 2003. Pastel
Riverrun Down - pastel
Urban Landscape New Jersey Pastel, 2004
A Walk through the Woods (2004) Pastel
Pool Hall at Night (After Conchita Conigliano.) Pastel (2005)
Fantasy, early exercise c. 1951
Stream and Bridge early excercise c. 1952. Pen and Ink
Down the Mine - c. 1952. Watercolor.
Across the Lake watercolor (detail)
Sanibel 2001 (This is the view from my studio as I write. (Or used to be.  A hurricane took down down the Australian pines.)
Sunlight before storm.  Watercolour Florida  2001
Boats in Sunlight, Florida 2001 - watercolor
The Menacing Mangroves, watercolor, detail. FL 2003
The Menacing Managroves, watercolor, detail, Florida 2003

"The Cloud ":  Computer Generated for Kate